Our Process

Dry Cleaning's Dirty Laundry

The vast majority of dry cleaners clean your clothes with toxic products!

Ever wonder just what your dry cleaner is using to clean your clothing and household goods? Would you be surprised if you found out that the clothes that you're wearing right now or the comforter that you sleep in has been soaked in a toxic solution called PERC?

PERC is a petroleum based compound that has been qualified as a "possible to probable carcinogen" by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Crossroads Cleaners utilizes the GreenEarth* cleaning process. It has no hazardous chemicals. No PERC. No petroleum.

Your clothes won't come back to you smelling like chemicals or irritating your skin.

The GreenEarth system keeps your clothes from shrinking and colors from fading.

We do lots more than just clean your clothes with eco-friendly solvents.

Even part of our packing is either degradable or made with post-consumer products.

And when it comes to your poly garment covers and hangers, we take them back and make sure they're recycled properly.

Learn more about the GreenEarth Cleaning process here.